Most Spicy Food in The World

For you lovers of spicy foods, may not be surprised to taste the food or spicy cuisine. spicy sensation is very popular, so it is usually for those spicy food lovers will be devoured, when eating spicy challenge.

Chile is a spicy traditional food of Indonesia, the chili powder with other flavoring ingredients, is very distinctive as a companion dish of vegetables. Speaking of chili, the menu turned out to escort into the ranks of the hottest food in the world.

Ten hot food in the world, Chile is ranked 10th. want to know what in the world of hot food? Avoid you love spicy dishes, if you do not feel a sense of the world's hot spicy food.

Consider the following:

1. Tom Yum - Thailand

The smell of spicy sting is so typical of Thai cuisine. Like the spicy seasoning mixed acid which tempt the tongue. There are several kinds of content options, Tom Yum Gai (Chicken) Tom Yum Pla (seafood). Paired with spicy flavor is so fit and sour dominating. It seemed fitting when eaten warm, spicy felt at all.

2. Creole shrimp - American

If you want your mouth was also burned down, as she felt a sense of spicy food, you can choose from the American South. Products made from simple ingredients and spices are mixed to create a spicy food that can shake your tongue is hot. Fresh Chile peppers to be spicy shrimp cocktail one trigger tomatoes and chicken.

3. Papa a la Huancaina – Peru

Food based on the potato, cheese and milk is known comes from Peru. Salad of potato that is served cold content with salsa huancaĆ­na lettuce mix, in addition, olives, black, corn and pieces of this egg, because it was quite spicy chili made with Amarillo Chile. Spiciness steady!

4. Radish with Sichuan Pepper - China

This is different from Chinese salad with salad in general. If the salad is usually served fresh with slightly sour taste, different from Radish with Sichuan pepper for a salad that is rich in flavor. Too salty radish combined with sweet, sour, spicy with the addition of additional pieces of red chillies and Sichuan, which is presented intact so that when you chew you like mine spicy bite with a great sensation.

5. Bibimbap with Kimchi - Korea

Kimchi is pickled cabbage that has been fermented for months, garlic, seasoned onions, peppers and ginger. This is a spicy scent imaginable, the famous Korean food spicy and aromatic spices that come from warm ginger. Coupled with Bibimbap is also famous in Korea, a mixture of rice, stir fried vegetables, meat and eggs fried, served with kimchi added. It's very hot.

6. Suicide Chicken Wings - American

Crispy fried wings are able to burn your stomach, the sensation of spiciness comes from the Tabasco and seasoning mix and additional pieces of dried chili peppers that have been chopped seeded fresh. American cuisine is spicy but very popular even though it feels.

7. Jerk Chicken – Caribbean

Foods rich in these ingredients has an enchanting aroma. Spice materials taken from the area. One of the ingredients that strengthen the Jerk Chicken drawn from Asia and Africa, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme and garlic. Mixed spice taste and aroma enhanced by the addition of chili Scootch Bonnet Rock that provides exceptional flavor.

8. Wot - Ethiopia

Food of Ethiopia is Wot or commonly referred to as the movement. Movement from the abundant grass chicken broth, such as one kilo grams of onion, kilo grams of garlic, ginger, barbae (a mixture of dried herbs and dried chile) with many. Broth, boil for an hour, even more tasty, served with injara (bread) and hen's eggs. Spicy sensation in it will shake up the tongue with a sense of spiciness.

9. Vindaloo - India
Vindaloo from India is made of super-spicy seasoning mustard seeds, dried chillies, coriander, ginger and fennel. Meat is the main ingredient of this food is first marinated in vinegar first and then mixed with the spice paste. Sensation of spiciness are felt and smelled delicious.


10. Sambal Ulek - Indonesian

Eat bland taste if any sauce. Ulek stir sauce does not provide its own sensation for the audience. The basic ingredients of chili ulek very easy, consisting only of fresh chilli and spices to taste the food co headliner. There are several types of typical Indonesian ulek sauce, no pasta sauce, tomato sauce, fried onion sauce, etc. The salad sauce. Sambal made depending on the main menu which will be presented so that the taste of Indonesian food.
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