Internet is composed of millions of computers which are connected among themselves in all corners of the world, giving way to ensure that the information is sent and enjoyed together 24 hours a day. These teams may be at home, work, school, government departments, universities, among others. Internet is often defined as a network of networks, due to the smaller networks of owned by organizations or individuals who joined together to form a giant network.

History of the Internet and Web

1957: Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was established by the Department of Defense (DoD), the United States.

1959: Len Kleinrock wrote a paper on packet switching.

1969: Initial design of the ARPANET published

1970: ARPANET began using network control protocols NCPs

1972: InterNetworking Working Group (INWG) was formed to promote an agreed standard. Specifications of telnet, it is proposed.

1973: Ideas are translated into the ethernet from Bob Metcalfe's PhD thesis. Specifications for File Transfer, RFC 454, is proposed.

1974: Design of TCP / IP is described in detail by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in "A Protocol for Packet Network association."

1982: TCP / IP became the protocol for the ARPANET and established by the DoD.

1992: The number of Internet hosts exceeds 1,000,000. Tim Berners Lee to find a program editor and browser. University of Nevada issued Veronica systems. WWW browser by Pei Wei's Viola was launched and distributed with CERN WWW.

1993: NSF makes InterNIC to run Internet services like domain. The first version of Mosaic (for X Window), developed by Marc Andreesen NCSA White House released online. National Information Infrastructure Act passed and the governments of the United States began to be more serious in handling the Website.

1994: PizzaHut online, is the first example of commercial Internet applications. Spam mails into a big case after a legal institution called Canter & Siegel distribute mail to the entire world about the ministry to get the "green card". First run the Virtual "CyberBank" first. In Yahoo Founded in 1994 and also the anniversary of Netscape Navigator 1.0.

1995: CompuServe, America Online, and Prodiy began Provides access to the Internet. Company Marc Andreesen, Netscape Communications Corporation, so the public and become number 3 Offericng highest price of public shares (IPO) on NASDAQ beginning. NFS will no longer have a free domain. Domain users begin paying for a domain that is used and host to the Internet.

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