This disease affects more women. Migraine is a disease that attacks the brain and cause pain, both physically and emotionally. Brain blood vessel dilation and swelling is one of why the headache. Although it is not known for certain reasons, this disease is usually an inherited disease.

What you can do is try to prevent attacks of headaches and reduce pain when the attack occurred.? Sometimes the attacks are not only attacking one side of the head, but to attack on both sides of the head.

Before the strike the pulse of the head, typically the patient experiences symptoms such as a flashing light or commonly known as dizziness, see dark spots, wavy, saw the object becomes more small, sensitive to the sight and hearing, or feeling of tingling in hands and feet. By the emotion, a signal that can be experienced as anxiety, irritability, or stress. These symptoms are not always safe because every victim of migraine may experience them differently.

Migraine Triggers
A way to prevent migraine attacks is to know what the cause of the attack. It is important to know the triggers that can cause attacks of migraine. Avoid triggers means to increase the likelihood of migraine. Some migraine triggers include:
Changes in the hormone estrogen. There is much of the hormone estrogen in women can trigger a migraine. Especially when the number of estogen is not stable, for example in the time before and during menstruation, pregnancy, contraceptive use, or if you are receiving hormone therapy.

Sensory stimulation of the body
The light is too bright, the sound is too high, or a particular odor that was overwhelming as the smell of the smoke of cigarettes and perfume can be a trigger.

Changes in climate
Changes in extreme weather or not stabilized and changes in air pressure can trigger migraine.

Unusual sleep schedule
If your sleep patterns are not so common. For example, a short period of sleep and even sleeping too long can make you experience a migraine attack. If you are new to the travel, the jet lag may also be the cause.

Exercise or physical activity that is heavier than usual to increase the likelihood of migraine.

Food and drink
The content contained in the food and drinks may be a trigger. Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, or the content of caffeine in the coffee should be avoided. Eating chocolate, old cheese, foods containing MSG or preservatives also is a migraine trigger.

Trigger the one shown above are some common triggers, but there is no guarantee your migraine triggers a migraine trigger in each of us can be different. To be able to find out what triggers your migraines, make a note of when the migraine attack, what you eat or drink, what activities are done before you experience a migraine. Note is made every time a migraine attack. By analyzing the records, are expected to know what triggers your migraines.

Prevent Migraine
Without a doubt, one of the causes of migraine is due to heavy thoughts. To do this, try to calm the mind. Make the relaxation of the mind, for example, making his hobby, gardening, listening to music or the amusement of other activities for you.

In addition to the mind, physically they also need to be trained in order to stay in top form, regular exercise should be a matter that can not be forgotten. Sport is a sport which should be selected with a moderate, such as walking, aerobics and bicycling physical activity.

A good sleep patterns will support health and prevent your migraine attacks. Sleep should be in sufficient time, the adult should sleep for 6-8 hours a day. If possible, should sleep and wake at the same time every day.

If you are currently running the hormone therapy, should discuss this with your doctor to obtain a solution can be. This is due to that migraines may be caused by changes in the hormone estrogen.

Treat Migraine
The first step that can be done when the attack of migraine is trying to relax and calm the mind. Sleeping in a quiet and dark at the same time trying to relax. You can put ice that has been wrapped in a cloth that is placed behind the head. Then make soft massage on the head.

If you are a frequent migraines are damaged, we recommend you consult the doctor to get proper treatment. In addition, also be useful to know for sure, if you experience headache or migraine disease other headaches, because sometimes, other diseases of the head showing symptoms similar to migraine. Continue to live a healthy life and avoid migraine triggers for Migraines was not approached.
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