Ten Mountain in the World

Definition / Meaning
Definition Mountain: Mountain is a prominent land upward higher than the surrounding region which is formed as a result of tectonic plate movement, movement or motion epeirogenik orogenik. Compared with hills, mountains form a higher and steeper than the hill. Below is a list of mountain names, height and geographic location:

1. Mount Everest / Sagarmatha / Chomolungma in Nepal and the Chinese State has 8,848 metres in height.
Everest Mountain
 2. Mount Godwin austen/k2/qogir residing in countries, Pakistan and China have a 8611 metres in height.

Godwin Austen Mountain

3. Mount Kangchenjunga, in Nepal and the India have been 8,586 meters high.

Kangchenjunga Mountain

4. Mount Lhotse in Nepal and the Chinese State has a height of 8.516 metres.
Lhotse Mountain

5. Mount Makalu in Nepal and China has a height of 8485 meters.

Makalu Mountain
6. Mount Cho Oyu in Nepal and China have a 8188 meters high.

Cho Oyu Mountain
7. Mount Dhaulagiri in Nepal has 8167 meters.

Dhaulagiri Mountain

8. Mount Manaslu in Nepal has 8163 meters.

Manaslu Mountain
9. Mount Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, countries (cashmere) has a height of 8126 meters.

Nanga Parbat Mountain
10. Mount Annapurna 1 is located in the country Nepal has 8091 meters.

Annapurna Mountain
Keep our mountain with a good will not be damaged. If we fail to arbitrarily cut down the forest on the mountain will have an impact such as erosion and landslides that caused the mountain is shorter.
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