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Definition LAN, Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI

Posted by | 4:09 PM
Definition Local Area Network (LAN) A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common commun...

Giant Animal-Shaped Building in Indonesia

Posted by | 5:17 PM
Museum Komodo Museum Komodo dragon is a giant building shaped located at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. Length 72 meters, with...

The difference Care Products Men And Women

Posted by | 9:07 PM
Not only women who will be the appearance and beauty care facial skin. The men also began to many who care about appearance, including ski...

The Types of Diseases

Posted by | 12:00 PM
Disease is an abnormal situation experienced by the body or mind that causes discomfort, dysfunction, or difficulty for the people it affec...

History of Pencil

Posted by | 4:00 PM
The use of lead and graphite which gives the effect of gray streaks started in Greece. In the year 1564 discovered a pure graphite conten...


Posted by | 2:25 PM
Metamorphosis is a biological process in which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching biological. This process involves cha...
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What is EKG ? ? ?

Posted by | 10:21 AM
Electrocardiogram (EKG) is a graph produced by an electrocardiograph, which records the heart's electrical activity within a certain ti...
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History of Paper

Posted by | 10:00 PM
PAPER is a thin and flat material, which is produced by the compression of fibers derived from the pulp. Fibers used are usually natural, a...

Tourist Attraction on the Island of Bali

Posted by | 8:26 PM
Bali is an island known as the island of the gods. natural charm of Bali maintains the exotic. Many tourists in the country and abroad. The...

Five Bodies are Difficult to Explain the Phenomenon of Medical Science

Posted by | 8:02 PM
There are many events in the body human is difficult to explain with common sense. Although medical science has developed so quickly, but t...

The stars are 20 times larger than the Sun

Posted by | 6:33 PM
Young star IRAS photographed by NASA's Spitzer telescope  Successful space telescope photographed the collection stars in other galax...

Cactus Sap to Purify Drinking Water

Posted by | 4:10 PM
Behind the sharp thorns and unpretentious appearance, the cactus is a plant that is very useful. One is to purify water, as did the peoples...

History of Sand Jam

Posted by | 10:30 PM
About 3500 BC, people still use the Sun to know. It is very simple, round plates with a stick in the middle. Sticks in the Sun, he serves ...

Ten Mountain in the World

Posted by | 9:00 PM
Definition / Meaning   Definition Mountain: Mountain is a prominent land upward higher than the surrounding region which is formed as a re...