Mazda: One More Vehicle Manufacturers from Japan

The need to drive a primary needs in human life. Driving using public transport or private vehicle. In an age which he said should be this fast-paced, time is an abstract object that expensive. To that end, the use of time is a fairly important. Driving is one of the business. By driving the travel time needed to reach a particular place more quickly.

The need to drive to utilize time efficiently have been answered by the presence of various brands of motor vehicles. Number of motor vehicles in Indonesia is largely a result of production of Japan, one of which is Mazda.

Profile of the Company and Mazda Motor Corporation Production

This automotive company named Mazda Motor Corporation or Matsuda Kebushiki-gaisha in Japanese. The company is based in Fuchu, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. As a large company, Mazda Motor Corporation to produce 1.3 million vehicles sold globally.

Before the name of Mazda Motor Corporation, this motor vehicle company called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd., better known as a manufacturer of racing cars. The company was founded in 1920. In 1927, the company changed its name to Toyo Kogyo. Its production was no longer racing cars.

Toyo Kogyo manufactures machine tools needed to assemble vehicles. Then dikenalkanlah Mazda-Go in 1931 as a production vehicle engines from the Toyo Kogyo. Aside from being a manufacturer of engines for vehicles, Toyo Kogyo produced weapons equipment used during World War II happened.

Toyo Kogyo could not last long, his name is replaced with Mazda in 1984, although previously the products of Toyo Kogyo Mazda has used the name since the 1960s. In the same year, 1960's, Mazda began expanding its presence worldwide. The company developed a Wankel engine royalty as an effort to distinguish the vehicle engine production with American-made vehicle engine.

Efforts to make a difference in the middle of producers of motor vehicles made by Mazda was successful. The company then produced rotary-powered piston-powered vehicles are exported to many countries. Mazda's production cars became popular quickly. The advantages of this car is a combination of a good combination of strength and mass of the light.

Progress continues, Mazda began developing his company out of Japan. In the 1960s, Mazda began working with Canada. Mazda's production cars are widely used in Canada, America and other countries.

The success of the sale of Mazda rotary power disrupted by rising oil prices that occurred in 1973. People who use rotery forced to move to use vehicles more fuel efficient. Do not want to lose more customers, Mazda did the various innovations.

Mazda production car the next is called the RX-7 and RX-8. This car was developed from the previous Mazda production car. Efforts to create a lightweight sports car continues to be done. Mazda also created a car that uses a power piston Mazda Roaster. This car was introduced in 1989.

Mazda and Ford Cooperation

The financial crisis experienced by the company for Mazda. Mazda then enter into agreements with Ford Motor Company as one effort to maintain his company. Both large-scale car manufacturer that started cooperation in 1979.

The car is pretty well known, is the result of cooperation between the two is the Mazda B-Series. A car that gave birth to the Ford Courier variants circulating in North America in 1972. Cooperation between them continued. Assist each other develop car products between the two automakers were also continued.

Mazda RX-8
Mazda Ryuga

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