History and Development of Information Technology


Technology and information may be regarded as two things are mutually binding. Both support functions that are fairly similar. Advances in technology are always facilitate the delivery of information. The rate information from one country can spread rapidly to other countries, even to all countries, through increasingly sophisticated technology.

Advances in information technology provide enormous benefit in human survival. Information technology can provide facilities in various aspects of life. One area of ​​life that has a close relationship with the use of information technology is the world of work.

Impact of Advanced Information Technology

Advances in information technology is to be grateful and appreciated as a remarkable achievement. Therefore, we must take advantage of advances in information technology is to do positive things. Why is that? In fact, advances in information technology not only provides a positive effect. Many also brought along the negative impact of information technology advances.

Here's a positive impact of information technology development.

  • Facilitate the delivery of information or communication between one place to another place.
  • Widespread use of information technology can open new job opportunities.
  • Make it easier for companies or individual business transaction-based information technology or so-called E-Commerce.
  • Simplify and expedite access to information needed for various purposes.
Besides positive impacts, advances in information technology have a negative effect.
  • The rapid advancement in information technology, internet and other media, facilitate the entry of elements of pornography, porn-action, and violence.
  • Ease of transactions via the Internet will provide opportunities to perform transakisi forbidden, such as drug and contraband transactions.
Improved Quality of Life

Humans increasingly demanded to improve the quality of life so that "forcing" them to perform various activities by optimizing capabilities. The claim is, inevitably, will make human use of information and communication technology in every activity.

Anything that is required is completed in quick time to be done by utilizing flash technology as well. Finally, human life can not be separated from the flow of information technology.

Information Technology in the World of Work

The development of information and communication technology is often used by entrepreneurs related work. Needs time and cost efficiency caused business people feel the need to apply information technology in the work environment. The use of information and communication technologies has resulted in the occurrence of rhythm changes.

One of the utilization of information and communication technology in the world of work is the application of Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP). ERP is a software application that includes a management system within a company. Information and communication technology in the business world used to conduct electronic commerce or E-commerce, commerce that uses Internet communication network.

Meanwhile, the banking world information and communication technology to conduct transactions via the Internet, such as Internet Banking. Transactions can be done via Internet Banking, including money transfers, check balance, transfer funds, bill payments, and account information.

Development Engineering

Information technology is a process of development of techniques, methods, and communication media to exchange information between people. Advances in information technology was intended to improve the performance of educational institutions as an effort to improve the quality of Indonesian human resources.

Thus, the role of teachers will be facilitated by the role of computers and the Internet network. In other words, the teacher will not be busy with the operational tasks manually. In this regard, information and communication technology can minimize the time and energy.
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