The difference Care Products Men And Women


Not only women who will be the appearance and beauty care facial skin. The men also began to many who care about appearance, including skin health. But often, skin care products for women, used also by the adam.

Whereas skin care products women do not necessarily work best when applied to the skin of men. Important to know the men, that women's skin care products may not work well on the skin of a man who tends to be thicker. And you also need to know the scientific reasons that lie behind them.

Man skin texture is thicker than women also need more extra care. Apratim dermatologist Dr. Goel said nearly 25 percent of men's skin texture is thicker than women, and that's the basic reason why an ointment or cream women will not work effectively on their skin.

"The shave that often do lead to peeling the top layer of dead skin every day so. But the daily exfoliation can also expose the base layer of the skin against pollution from outside. Therefore, men should stop shaving the day before they undergo procedures such beauty a woman. "

Women experience hormonal changes every day, while men do not. This is also what distinguishes the workings of skin care cream. Menstrual cycles experienced by women have the impact or effect on the texture of their skin. While men, for not having periods, then do not change the texture of the skin, then do not be surprised if a woman more prone to acne than men.

"Since the ointment or cream treatments created woman, would have to consider the hormonal changes and the degree of sensitivity, and may not help much in men's skin care regime," added Dr. Rashmi Shetty.

Meanwhile, cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Abhijit Desai was quoted as saying the page Times of India said, many men even perform plastic surgery procedures to support his appearance.

"Men become even better patient than women. When they feel quite satisfied with the results obtained, they just want to further improve the care of their skin, "says Dr. Abhijit.
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