Role of Business Research Methods in Market Research


Market research become a reference for decision maker. When a product market map will be thrown into the market should be viewed as a sharp and intact. Market research is the key. While the research methodology is a door business. In short the objectives and means.

Market research is objective and methodology of business research is a way. We will not discuss the theory that has been milling about in books or the Internet. However, the strategic role of business research methodology in market research to build a credible and acceptable.

Market Research

Reading the urgency of the market rise can be traced from James Lee's theory of Self Reference Criterion. Humans basically have a different value. When other values ​​appear more inclined people will use the criteria (values) that he adopted. For example the case of Disneyland that had a cartoon character popular in the world. Mickey mouse, donald duck, etc.

However, when Disneyland hongkong failed attempt to enter the market. Hong Kong is close to China automatically using a closed system. Information can not be freely accessible. People there are not familiar with Disney cartoon characters. Disneyland failed to observe this.

Good business research methodology will counteract the failure to read market research. Business research methodology is not just how. But also results. A good way to print a good output. Market research will be complicated when we identify the macro environment. Eg regional, international, and the world. Research-based business good will of an authentic scientific. The complexity will be parsed properly by the authentic scientific process.


Business research methodology takes a big investment. In the world of pharmaceutical business research methodology becomes a serious concern. The world health is focused on market research which is good because a lot of money siphoned off for research. You can imagine if it fails? Hundreds of billions of dollars could be floated. That's why investing in making good business research is not small. The price is right. Money never lie.

The methodology of business research and market research sides of the coin as a coin. Inseparable. Manunggal. An important role of business research methodology is to give credibility and integrity of market research. Decision maker must be referring to the data valid and legitimate.

Do not want that to take the data and facts wrong. The key lies in human and capital. Creating the right market research requires human (researcher) competent. And money to run a research business.
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