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Modern Gadgets Have Made Us Slaves to Machines

Posted by | 9:16 PM
Modern devices have become slaves of complete machines. There is no job that can not be done without the help of machines and there is no a...

Role of Business Research Methods in Market Research

Posted by | 4:14 PM
Market research become a reference for decision maker. When a product market map will be thrown into the market should be viewed as a shar...

Definition of Scientific Writing For Nonfiction Writing

Posted by | 9:54 PM
In the world of writing, in addition to short stories and novels we often hear the term scientific papers. So many say that scientific wri...

Understanding of Education:

Posted by | 1:45 PM
The definition of education is closely related to all things related to human development, such as physical development, health, skills, th...

What is EKG ? ? ?

Posted by | 10:21 AM
Electrocardiogram (EKG) is a graph produced by an electrocardiograph, which records the heart's electrical activity within a certain ti...
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Favorite Human-Animal Relation Quotes

Posted by | 9:27 AM
Designed by Christie Nicole and Adam Weitzenfeld Thought I'd share some quotes I've encountered  researching Human-Animal relations,...

Alternative Teaching Techniques for Low Achieving Students

Posted by | 11:07 PM
Spelling Spelling is both an auditory analysis activity and a visual analysis activity. To become a good speller, the learner needs to pa...

Mathematical Modeling for Kids

Posted by | 4:57 PM
How wonderful would be the class where kids are talking about models for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Mathematical ...