The Story of Cleopatra, The Queen of Legendary


Cleopatra's story has never lost its charm, even though thousands of years have passed since she lived in the world. Mystery about him is always interesting to be examined, and her love stories never cracked by the time to reveal more.

Cleopatra's face is known from coins and statues were found. Roman historians tell us that Cleopatra was an ugly woman, but because at that time is the enemy of the Roman Cleo, Cleo demeaning portrayals may be a bit hyperbolic.

Egyptian carvings show the figure of a beautiful soft-edged Cleo. As the real face of Cleo, she is a woman who is very charming, intelligent remarkable, and has a strong charisma. Cleopatra also said the master of nine languages.

The figure of Cleopatra in Roman sculpture 

Egyptian engravings depicting his face 

Statue of Cleopatra in Egypt.

Cleopatra very smart and has a strong personality. She is a descendant of Greek fucking Ptolemy, and Macedonian. He managed to survive in the family, where the brothers are ready to kill each other for power.

Cleopatra is the name Macedonianya, while the throne name Mesirnya is Netjeret Mer-it-es which means 'father's favorite goddess'. 

Cleopatra was crowned queen at the age of 18. She married her brother who was only 12 years, who later became king. 

The practice of incest (marrying a sibling) is a custom in those days in the Egyptian culture, because they are considered descendants of Pharaoh as god, and god only fellow who can marry. 

When the throne, Cleo received symbols pharaoh, ie golden rod, whip, and scepter. She wore a robe of linen and leather garments official. Gold ribbon called circular uraeus on his head, revealing a cobra, the snake keeper of the Egyptians. 

Carvings depicting the coronation of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

To strengthen its position in the eyes of the people of Egypt, daughter of Cleo calls himself the most powerful god, the sun god Ra or Amun. 

She himself has a personal protective goddess, the Isis. The Egyptians saw Isis as a goddess of both love all creatures. The pharaoh thought their real mothers. In ritual ceremonies, Cleopatra is often portray themselves as the Goddess Isis, the protector of all the people of Egypt. 

Isis, the goddess protector of Cleopatra (left) and temples to the gods (right)

Cleopatra's palace located in Alexandria, a bustling port city on the Mediterranean. To give direction to the sailors who will be anchored, Ptolemy II (pharaoh Cleopatra's predecessor) to build the lighthouse of Pharos in the 3rd century BC. 

The lighthouse is over 100 meters high, surrounded by gardens, and on top there is a statue of Zeus that rotates over the fire flares up. 

Alexandria is a very beautiful city. Main road, called canopic jar, stretches from east to west width of 30 meters, with palm trees lined on either side. 

To the north stood the palace and Museion, where artists and students together.Underneath there is the tomb of Alexander the Great, founder of the city of Alexandria, and all the family tomb of Ptolemy. 

In the south stood the temples are very beautiful. Alexandria Bibliotheca Alexandrina Library also has a very large, with more than 100,000 papyrus scrolls, a copy of almost the entire book in the world at that time. 

The picture above is the ancient library of Alexandria. Has now been built into a modern library and is one of the most complete libraries in the world. 

Cleopatra's palace overlooking the port of Alexandria. White building with pillars that lined the high, surrounded by beautiful gardens and fragrant scent. 

In the midday heat, Cleo like a stroll along a shaded path tree shadows, and the breeze that blows. 

She linger at home sitting in the temple courtyard surrounded by peacock birds is beautiful, exotic fountains, and ponds with lotus flowers blue and white.

Cleo also has a zoo with a collection of rare animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, and bears. The collection was a gift from the kings of Africa and of the rich kingdoms in the East. 

The animals are maintained around the palace garden, given a gold chain and adorned with jewels and beautiful clothes. 

Cleopatra relax in the garden palace with her ​​ladies-in-waiting.

Like the modern woman, Cleo likes to look pretty all the time. She uses a variety of makeup and wigs (wigs). 

Cleo cosmetics made ​​from plants and minerals, like copper ore and lead ore mixed with water. Gray mineral called galena and crushed to blacken the eye, while making iron oxide yellow brownish color on the lips and cheeks. 

For perfume, Cleo using cedar oil or cinnamon, honey, and sweet-scented incense. 

Cleo also like to enjoy the herb bath, mud bath and milk bath. She was often in-massage by ladies-in-waiting, then the fingernails and feet decorated with henna dye. 

Cleopatra's beauty care, assisted the ladies in waiting.

At that time, the Roman Empire is very ambitious to rule Egypt, a country rich and fertile. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, seeks by all means to protect Egypt from Roman domination. 

Knowing the Egyptian army would not be able to fight the Roman army, then Cleo approached the leader of the Roman general, Julius Caesar.

Caesar was captivated and in love to Cleo. He married Cleo, even though he already had a wife in the Roman named Calpurnia. Because of the love and admiration for Cleo, Cleo let Caesar remains a queen in her own country. 

After the killing of Caesar by the Roman Senate, Cleo had to find another protector so that she could remain a queen in Egypt. 

The choice fell on Mark Antony, Julius Caesar's friend and lieutenant. Antony is a captain of cavalry. It was she who controls the entire Mediterranean region. 

When she knew would come to see Antony, Cleo prepare a special welcome, which will never be forgotten by Antony. 

Gold plated royal ship, so it will be sparkling when exposed to sunlight. The screen is made ​​of purple silk and has been soaked in perfume scent that even the wind blowing along the river flow. Shiny silver oars to move the ship, while the rowers moved in rhythm flute sound. 

Cleo himself sat on a throne with a cover curtains flapped like a golden cloud. Some boys who dress up as Cupid, the god of Asmara, fanning him with peacock feathers.

Lady's maid sitting around, playing the fairy called Grace and Neried, strewing rose petals and candy ready to offer their tapering fingers. 
Cleopatra in his luxury boat welcomed Mark Antony.

As Julius Caesar, Mark Antony was her knees in front of Cleopatra. He became the lover Queen of Egypt, and prefer to live in the castle Cleo rather than taking care of his troops and fought to conquer new colonies. 

Caesar's heir, Octavian, very angry, and with the intention of attacking the Roman army in Egypt, Cleopatra and Antony. Antony lost the battle at Actium, and finally decided to commit suicide. 

After the death of Antony, Cleo feel unable to defend Egypt from the onslaught of Octavianus. 

She could not see his beloved country would be destroyed Rome. She also was not going to be a prisoner by Octavian and paraded in disgrace before his own people. 

So when the Romans arrived in Egypt, Cleo end his life by letting the snake is very poisonous asp to bite her. 

Cleopatra died with the crown still on her head. She never lost his throne. She would rather die than fall into the hands of people who will insult and took the queen from her throne.

Cleopatra, the woman is brave, intelligent, and hard-hearted. Is fitting if the legends about her enduring of all time. 
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