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Centaurs, Man Half Horse in the Ancient Greek Mythology

Posted by | 9:30 AM
In Greek mythology,   Centaurs   (K√©ntauroi) is a half-horse race, he is usually portrayed human form from head to waist, but the waist down...

The Story of Cleopatra, The Queen of Legendary

Posted by | 8:04 AM
Cleopatra's story has never lost its charm, even though thousands of years have passed since she lived in the world. Mystery about him ...

Chinese archaeologists discovered the tomb of emperor of Cao Cao

Posted by | 12:32 AM
Previously we only knew him through the famous novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" or the blockbuster movie "Red Cliff&quo...

Variety Style of Garut Art Traditions

Posted by | 9:05 PM
Dodombaan Inspired by animals sheep, which is characteristic of Garut, was born Dodombaan art attractions. Dodombaan dance is an art game ...

Kutai Kingdom

Posted by | 12:44 PM
Kutai is one of the oldest kingdom in Indonesia, is expected to appear in the fifth century AD or ± 400 m, the existence of the kingdom is...

Indonesian Batik

Posted by | 6:04 PM
Batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has become part of the culture of Indonesia (especially Java). Which is the ancestral her...


Posted by | 1:08 PM
Pendet classified types of dance guardian, namely Balinese dances are staged specifically for the purpose of religious ritual. This dance w...


Posted by | 1:36 PM
Ever see a tango dance in pairs? Very passionate and compact, is not it? This dance is synonymous with romance and passion for the people w...


Posted by | 10:26 AM
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander is a tribe of Indigenous Australians. They've lived and maintain homeland Australia for almost 60...


Posted by | 11:15 PM
Asmat already familiar with some people. This tribe is one of the tribes residing in southern Papua in the interior. But, if we know more a...
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Gamelan in Wayang

Posted by | 2:38 AM
The Gamelan is the musical instruments. In the Javanese Wayang, these instruments nowadays consist of at least 15 different types, most...
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Familiar with the Festival for Children in Japan

Posted by | 2:56 PM
Japan is famous for its cultural coherence is inherited from generation to generation by which not much ...


Posted by | 9:22 PM
Indonesia is rich in a variety of wonderful local art, including various traditional musical instruments with a particular sound. One instr...
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Kuda Lumping

Posted by | 9:10 PM
Kuda Lumping is a Javanese traditional arts. Lately culture Kuda Lumping back sounding name among the people since some time ago recognized ...