Type of Carrier Type Smile Problems

Your smile can create the first impression on others. That's according to the research team from Glasgow-based Go Group, a business training firm, in the UK. 
Impression of your smile of course can be good, but could also bad. The team also examined how a smile can give a positive impression on clients. They found, a smile that seemed too fast and not visible to the eye can send a signal that you do not have the sincerity. 


There are three types of smile that can display a bad impression on the client, and you should avoid, namely: 


  • Smile enthusiastic: A huge smile, a quick and showing all teeth and eyes open.This shows you are overdoing it and ambitious. 
  • Cold Smile: A smile looks constant, rapid and empty eyes. This suggests you are not sincere. 
  • Smile robot: A small lips are plastered, and the smile was quick. This robot smile signifies only do so in the name of decency and memorable cold. 
"Studies show people who smile more slowly, his face looks more authentic and natural," said Lesley Meechan from "Glasgow-based Go Group" as quoted from Idiva.com.

Then, avoid too many smiles in the professional world. That's because Bridget Hanna, a psychologist, a smile every time to make an impression and reduce redundant status.
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