Strange Objects that Never Grow in Human Body

Although very rare, certain diseases can grow things that are not prevalent in the human body such as tree roots, coral reefs and fish scales. There are also strange objects that grew not because of illness, such as peas.

Quoted from the Telegraph, unusual items recorded in the ever growing human body include:

Tree Roots 
Dede Koswara, a resident of West Java, dubbed as the root because the whole body of human diseases that resemble overgrown tree roots. Certainly not the real root that grows in her body, but a sort of warts caused by Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV).

Coral Reefs 
Warts extreme growth not only in West Java. In Shuimen, southern China, the same conditions experienced by a 38-year-old man, Lin Tianzhuan. Condition since the age of 13 was finally cured after surgery and treatment for 1 year in China.

Fish scales 
Children aged 14 months, origin Jinhu Song Sheng, China Eastern born without pores in the skin. Not only that, several weeks after birth the boy started on his body covered with scales so that the man dubbed the fish. 
Doctors believe the boy suffered a rare genetic disorder. The condition made ​​her unable to adjust to the ambient temperature, so that every moment must be bathed with ice water to avoid overheating.

Years ago, a man in Russia was diagnosed with cancer after prolonged pain in his lungs. The man was named Artyom Sidorkin advised to undergo surgical removal of cancer cells that do not spread.

But how shocked when doctors discovered a lump that appears in the X-ray imaging was not cancer, but the seeds of pine trees measuring 2 inches (5.08 cm).Allegedly, Artyom accidentally inhaling pine seeds which then grow in the lungs.

Bean Sprouts Beans 
A man named Ron Sveden was stricken with a chronic cough, shortness of breath until having to be rushed to the hospital. Since the scan shows there are lumps in the lungs, doctors diagnosed the man from Massachusetts, America is suffering from a tumor.

Instead of finding the meat grows, the doctor who dissected the lungs Sveden actually find seeds that have germinated pea-size
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