Advantages and Disadvantages iPad Mini

This is one gadget which has been widely discussed in various online sites, after a long awaited Mini has finally revealed the iPad specs as well as the advantages and disadvantages. This device has changed in terms of design and as the name suggests these small devices.

The material used to coat the body is still the same, that still uses metal material, the use of the material components in it will be better protected when compared with plastic material. Besides aiming to protect existing components also aims to produce the best design.
iPad Mini
The price for getting an artificial apple device is in respect of Rp 3 million to the memory with a capacity of 16GB, while for larger capacity are rewarded with higher prices again. Although it has a different storage capacity, for the other components remain the same.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages are found in the iPad Mini

Advantages iPad Mini:
  • The main camera has a capacity of 5 MP that is capable of recording video at 1080 p HD quality
  • Use the dock connector has lightning
  • For in addition to the series has been using nano SIM wifi
  • Siri application that makes it easy to perform activities by using voice control
Disadvantages of iPad Mini:
  • The selling price of the iPad Mini is still expensive when compared to other tablets
  • Hardwares screen does not have the Retina Display technology
  • The processor used in the iPad Mini is a chipset A5 1GHz dual-core processor which is the same as the iPad 2
  • The battery can only last up to 10 hours
Those are some advantages and disadvantages which are owned by the iPad Mini, which can be used as a guide before purchasing a product from the producer of apple and other tablet manufacturers.
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