Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch could not watch because it has more functionality. This device can also be said as a phone because it has the same facilities as a communication tool called the mobile phone. The difference this device does not have an unusual design like that of a mobile phone on this device because they are generally shaped watches.

Has a simple and elegant design with black color wrapped with shiny white color on the side of the body, so it is suitable for young people who want a modern style. The display uses OLED technology and operation by using the touch screen.

Battery life can be up to 4 days if it is used to perform normal activities like SMS and perform telephone within a period not too long. The battery used is a battery that can not be removed because it has become an integral part of the mobile phone watches.

There is a bluetooth facility that can be used to transfer data between devices that have Bluetooth facility. To listen to music, Sony Smartwatch can use the hands-free that can be used to wirelessly so easy to enjoy the music.

To get Sony Smartwatch needs to raise about USD 200 and can be purchased online stores in your city. To purchase this device at the online store include postage receipt of goods home and depending on your location.
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