Five Bodies are Difficult to Explain the Phenomenon of Medical Science


There are many events in the body human is difficult to explain with common sense. Although medical science has developed so quickly, but these phenomena are very abstract and difficult to research.

There are five phenomena experienced by the human body that are hard to explain the logic and medical science:

1. Intuition
Intuition is often called the whispering heart or ability to understand something without thinking first. We all have the sharpness of the intuition that every person is different.

Can intuition is called the sixth sense? Psychologists call it can not, because intuition is often wrong guess something like when you board the plane experienced turbulence, you think the plane will fall but actually survived.

Psychologists consider intuition often arise when someone wants to make a decision or lead to something that you know which. However, this intuition is difficult to prove or studied, either in psychology or medical science.

2. Deja Vu
Memory mysterious street called deja vu. Derived from the French meaning vecu deja ever experienced. Deja vu is defined as the feelings that arise because they feel they have experienced, seen, heard but never really happen.

Deja Vu comes with a variety of feelings, confused and mysterious. At the entrance to the room that you've never visited, you suddenly feel that ever were in the room with the architecture and the people who come across as you work.

Psychology can be attributed to natural causes " deja vu " as hallucinations, or under the influence of drugs. But ultimately, the causes and nature of the phenomenon remains a mystery.

3. Near Death Experience
Near Death Experience is common in some people who were dying. When someone close to death, the soul leaves the body and started to feel things that usually can not be felt. His soul across the border between life in the world and the Hereafter, usually a tunnel with light at the end.

Scientifically suspended animation process is very complex, subjective and emotional. The mechanism behind some of this experience is how the brain processes sensory information.

People who do not believe the drops then as hallucinations or brain injury. But until now scientists were unable to find out what happens when people swoon, and therefore can relive it again.

4. Psychic Power (Inner Strength) and ESP
Psychic power or inner strength and Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), including phenomena that can not be explained by someone who has psychic powers that can achieve the life and future secret.

Many people believe that intuition is a form of psychic power. Researchers have assessed to persons claiming to have psychic powers that the results are difficult to explain scientifically.

Some argued that the psychic powers can not be tested. So far scientists have not able to prove the phenomenon or the existence of this inner knowledge.

5. The Body Mind Connection
Medical science is only beginning to understand how the mind affects the body. The effect placebo (drug without apparent chemicals), for example, explains that the people can feel relieved because effective drugs are believed in the ability of these drugs while drugs given without chemicals. This is known as capacity of suggestion.

Even more surprising that the medical community of the organism's ability to bypass the regenerative capacity of modern medicine.
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