The stars are 20 times larger than the Sun

Young star IRAS photographed by NASA's Spitzer telescope
 Successful space telescope photographed the collection stars in other galaxies. One of them is a young star, believed to be 20 times greater in size than the Sun.

In addition, according to the scientists working with researchers from the American Space Agency (NASA). NASA, Stefan Krauss and astronomers from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has shown that opening it to study how massive stars were born in another universe.

As quoted on the official website of NASA, Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Kraus said that the NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope were able to record images of a star called IRAS 13.481 to 6124. Images from the Spitzer telescope was also supported by the observations of the telescope from the station in Chile.

Stars is located in the constellation of Centaurus, that is 10,000 light years. IRAS mass 20 times larger than the Sun. "This is the first time that could be a thing so controlled," said Kraus.

Through visualisation, scientists saw Spitzer that the star is surrounded by a collection of gas and dust that resemble discs. This phenomenon occurs in other stars. "This disk is very similar to what we see in young stars, whose shape is smaller, but still large," said Kraus.

According to him, Spitzer image time resulted in a clearer picture that has been shown to help scientists better understand the birth of stars in another universe.
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