These Animals also Homosexual

Homosexuality is not only in humans. animal behavior experts also noted the case of various animals.

At least, homosexuality was found in 500 species of 1500 species of animals that are observed. The animals were not only showed a tendency to form pairs of men and women, but also men for men, women, and women.

According to Linda Wolfe, a scientist from the University of East Carolina, studies on this subject that little speaks for the scientists, because they don't have the advantage of continuity and the sustainability of the species.

"I think that insofar as Sociobiology is always associated with reproduction issues", said Linda, quote from the web page LiveScience.

According to Martin Daly, an evolutionary psychologist at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, sexual behavior in animals is very complex. It is often done with late non sexual, such as the construction of alliances or placate the enemies

"Help manoeuvre the sexuality of animals with animals to its around before starting a real contact", said Martin, told Times Online. Here are a few species of animals found to have a tendency to homosexual behavior.

Bonobo Chimpanzees

Seen as the closest to humans, chimpanzees bonobo species, including animals that isn't shy in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Almost all classes of chimpanzees show a bisexual behavior. That very often intercourse (sexual intercourse), including the type, and want to shout fun while you do. About two-thirds of homosexual activity is a woman's partner.


Homosexual activity is often seen among male giraffes. Often this activity begins with each stick their neck level. the activity of the same sex can last up to an hour. According to one study, each 20 male giraffe, giraffe, at least one homosexual activity queues.


Bottlenose dolphin is a species of Dolphin most frequently human beings. Dolphins are usually bisexual. Homosexual activity in mammals has a frequency similar to heterosexual activity. His homosexual activities include oral sex, where the dolphins of luminance that one stimulates the dolphins with its snout. Meanwhile, the dolphins males also that stimulation by rubbing the genitals to another male body.


More than 55 percent of the sexual activity of young male bison is with other types. Homosexual activity is due to Bison bison women only have sex with men, once a year. When bison male mating season also perform sexual activities with persons of the same sex.

Gray whales

Interaction of homosexual pretty frequently on gray whales. Typically, male gray whale tails in groups of five, then swim around and wring their stomachs, their genitalia on each other.
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