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Strange Objects that Never Grow in Human Body

Posted by | 10:36 AM
Although very rare, certain diseases can grow things that are not prevalent in the human body such as tree roots, coral reefs and fish scale...

Parks Travel The World in Indonesia

Posted by | 6:23 PM
In Indonesia you can enjoy the many sights from the Sahara desert, Sakura flowers, desert landscapes typical of Africa to Europe. You do...

Ten Creative Goods Inspired by Rubik Cube

Posted by | 6:26 PM
Rubik's cube puzzle games found in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik. Initially, the puzzle is called...

A Short Story About "PASTA"

Posted by | 9:22 PM
Pasta is a processed food that comes from Italy. Pasta dough made ​​from a mixture of flour, water, eggs and salt. From this dough, pasta s...
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These Animals also Homosexual

Posted by | 5:15 PM
Homosexuality is not only in humans. animal behavior experts also noted the case of various animals. At least, homosexuality was found in ...

Seven Unique Foods of Africa

Posted by | 9:35 PM
Anything that you think after reading this article, it should be recognized black continent save unique home to culinary traditions. Look at...

Found, strange animals in the Sulawesi Sea

Posted by | 1:31 PM
Teuthidodrilus samae New and unique species that are found in abundance in the Sulawesi Sea. As well as squid, but not the animals which ...
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Unique Clock

Posted by | 11:03 PM
Sources of inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. This time, I try to give inspiration for those who wanted to create a unique ...