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C3 (Chameleons Changing Color)

Posted by | 7:22 PM
Chameleon reptiles are popular because of its ability to change skin color. Then what caused the chameleon can change color? There are ov...


Posted by | 9:32 PM
Octopuses are the animals of the class cephalopod mollusk (animal feet located in the head), the order Octopoda with coral reefs in the oc...

Arowana Fish Types and How to Treatment

Posted by | 12:47 PM
Arowana fish is one of the freshwater fish that may be regarded as the holder of the highest caste in the world for pet fish. Although class...

12 Types Of Most Strange Tortoises

Posted by | 9:56 PM
In the world there are many kinds of turtles. Although not a ninja turtles, but turtles are also included turtle odd scattered across the w...


Posted by | 2:25 PM
Metamorphosis is a biological process in which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching biological. This process involves cha...
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Found, strange animals in the Sulawesi Sea

Posted by | 1:31 PM
Teuthidodrilus samae New and unique species that are found in abundance in the Sulawesi Sea. As well as squid, but not the animals which ...
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Four Species of Ancient Animals are Still alive in Indonesia

Posted by | 11:46 PM
1. Crocodile As we all know that the crocodile is one of the ancient animals left on earth. Carnivores are animals that crocodiles can live ...

Eight-endangered Animals in Indonesia

Posted by | 11:14 PM
List of animals in danger of extinction in Indonesia has become longer. Animals (livestock) is a species of rare endangered become extinct o...