Understanding of Education:

The definition of education is closely related to all things related to human development, such as physical development, health, skills, thoughts, feelings, wishes, social, to the development of Faith. These developments aim to develop into more perfect human being, make people improve their lives, and life became civilized and moral nature.

Understanding Education

1. Ki Hajar Dewantara

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara (Father of National Education of Indonesia), the notion of education is power and efforts to promote the character (the character and inner strength), mind (intellectual), and physical children in harmony with nature and society.

2. Greek

According to the Greek language, understanding comes from the word education pedagogy. Pedagogy is divided into two words, that is paid, which means 'child' and agogos which means 'guiding'. So, it can be concluded that pedagogy is the art and science of teaching children.

3. Big Indonesian Dictionary

According to Alwi, et al. (1991:232), derived from the word education students. Then, said the students get the prefix 'pe' and the suffix 'an'. So, education is the process or how to educate.

4. John Stuart Mill

According to John Stuart Mill, British philosopher (1806-1873), education covers everything that is done by a person to achieve a level of perfection.

5. Law

According to the Act. 20 of 2003 on national education system, education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process for learners to actively develop his potential to have spiritual powers, religious, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skills necessary for himself, society, nation and state.

6. H. Home

According to H. Home, education is a process that is ongoing (enduring) of the adjustment is higher for people who develop physically and mentally, which is done freely and consciously to God, as manifested in the nature of intellectual, emotional, and humanity of mankind.

7. John Dewey

John Dewey argued that the definition of education is a fundamental skill formation process of intellectual and emotional human beings.

8. J.J. Rouseau

According J.J. Rouseau, education is the provision of supplies to us. That is, what we do not need in childhood, but we need as adults.

9. Edgar Dalle

According to Edgar Dalle, education is a conscious effort made by families, communities, dn government through guidance, instruction, and training that takes place in school and outside school to prepare lifelong learners to be playing the role of various environmental Dalan permanently for the future.

10. Thompson

According to Thompson, education is the influence of environment on an individual to produce permanent changes in the habit of behaving, thinking, and nature.

11. M.J. Longeveled

According M.J. Longeveled, education is a business, influence, protection, and assistance provided to children in order to the process of maturation or rather help kids to be more proficient in carrying out his own life.

12. Prof. Richey

According to Prof. Richey in his book entitled Planning for Teaching, an Introduction to Education, education is everything related to the broad functions of maintenance and repair of the life of a society.

13. Ibnu Muqaffa

According to Ibnu Muqaffa, education is the need to get something that will strengthen and achieve a high civilization which is the intellect and spiritual nourishment.

14. Plato

According to Plato, education is everything that helps individual development of body and mind with something that allows the achievement of perfection.
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