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Biography : Elvis Presley

Posted by | 3:35 PM
Elvis Aron Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi is a singer of rock 'n' roll legendary United States. Elvis was ...

Hip Hop: Music, Graffiti, and Breakdance

Posted by | 12:59 PM
A variety of musical genres developed as if no restrictions. The flow of music that inspires one another to the flow of music. Blend various...

History of Jazz Music

Posted by | 10:01 AM
Many of them think that jazz is the music elite and established. However, if we menegok to the roots of jazz may be spelled exactly the op...

Gamelan in Wayang

Posted by | 2:38 AM
The Gamelan is the musical instruments. In the Javanese Wayang, these instruments nowadays consist of at least 15 different types, most...
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Practical Tips on Caring for Your Guitar Collection

Posted by | 10:34 PM
Guitar Treatment Guitar is a stringed musical instrument that is very popular in the world. Much interest in this instrument. This tool i...


Posted by | 9:22 PM
Indonesia is rich in a variety of wonderful local art, including various traditional musical instruments with a particular sound. One instr...
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